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For those who live too far away or are unable to visit our clinic please email us your health problems including details of symptoms and their chronological development. We shall endeavour to diagnose your condition(s) and offer free advice.


Many health problems develop because the body has become too weak and dysfunctional to repair itslef. They can usually be cured naturally by restoring your body’s own healing powers.





Natural Healing


The body heals itself


If you cut your hand, it heals automatically. If you lose a part of your liver, it regenerates itself. If you fracture your leg, your bones begin healing on their own before you even set foot in the doctor’s waiting room; unless you persist in harming yourself. Read more.


Natural selection ensured that only people with self-healing powers to bounce back from illnesses and injuries could survive. Doctors often play a vital, sometimes lifesaving, role in the healing process. But good doctors basically help the body heal itself. The rest is up to your cells. Read more.


The cell theory


The cell was discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665. The cell theory, first developed in 1839, states that all organisms are composed of one or more cells, that all cells come from preexisting cells, that vital functions of an organism occur within cells, and that all cells contain the hereditary information necessary for regulating cell functions and for transmitting information to the next generation of cells (Wikipedia).


The cell theory is one of the foundations of biology. It is easy to understand yet profound. The theory explains that health and illness are the results of cellular functions. Illnesses develop naturally when cellular functions breakdown. They improve or disappear just as naturally when your cells resume normal functions. The cell theory tells you why illness persists and how to get well. All you need to do is enable your cells to resume normal functions.


How does the body heal itself?


The human body is made up of over 200 types of specialised cells, an estimated 100 trillion or 100,000,000,000,000 in all. Each cell is an amazing world in itself and has specific functions. Specialised cells group and function together to form tissues; tissues group and function together to form organs, and organs group and function together to form body systems. Organs and body systems function naturally to produce and deliver essential supplies such as nutrients and oxygen your cells need.


Cells are designed to protect themselves, repair damaged cells and reproduce to replace dead cells so as to maintain the same number of cells in the body. Cells damaged beyond repair are programmed to self-destruct through a process called apoptosis, to prevent the spread of damaged or cancerous cells.


The human body experiences about 10,000 trillion cell divisions in a life time. These and other cellular functions are the natural processes that keep you healthy, as they have kept mankind healthy, flourishing for hundreds of thousands of years before medicine existed.


Cells have different lifespans and millions die every minute with or without damage. Cell damage and cell death are irrelevant as long as your cells are reproducing to give you a fresh start.


Cells emerged on earth at least 4 billion years ago. These complex tiny bags of chemicals share a common purpose: to reproduce to ensure survival of future generations. Just as bacteria have evolved to become resistant to antibiotics,your cells will continue to evolve to survive and recover from the worst damage that nature can impose, if you do not damage and destroy your own cells by depriving them of essential supplies or by subjecting them to dangerous effects of drugs.


Why do cellular functions break down?


Cells need nourishment and a healthy environment to survive, energy to function. Your organs convert the food you eat and the air you breathe into the right mix of sustenance such as proteins, minerals, hormones, vitamins, carbohydrates, enzymes and oxygen your cells need to maintain cellular functions. Your organs also filter your blood to remove toxins from circulation and expel harmful substances from your body. Blood circulation is the transport system, delivering essential supplies around the body to nourish your cells, taking away metabolic waste products.


Cells absolve these essentials, converting them into energy. Energy enables your cells to sustain cellular functions.


Energy is the life force that underpins all functions. Energy deficiency impairs organ and body system functions, leading to health problems such as metabolic syndrome, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, accumulation of toxins and metabolic waste products, congestive heart failure (insufficient pumping action of the heart) or bad circulation and low immunity which damage and destroy your cells. Side effects of drugs also can damage cellular functions.


Deprived of essential supplies or exposed to toxins or dangerous side effects of drugs your cells become damaged and dysfunctional, leading to the breakdown of cellular functions which manifest as illness.


Bad circulation or congestive heart failure is known as the infamous silent killer because it restricts supplies to damage and destroy your cells in the absence of any other cause.


What is illness?


Illness is the natural result when cellular functions break down. NHS Choices explain that as part of normal life, your cells are exposed to a constant low level of damage. The damage may be caused by injury, wear and tear, infection, toxins and side effects of drugs or attacks from the immune system but your cells will normally repair the damage themselves. Usually, the repair process will pass unnoticed and you will not experience any symptoms.


NHS Choices explain that illness such as osteoarthritis occurs when there is damage in and around the joints which your cells cannot repair. In time the cells that make up the cartilage gradually waste away, leaving painful rubbing of bones on bones. Cell damage and cell death do not cause illness. Illness such as arthritis occurs when your cells are unable to repair or replenish themselves (NHS Choices on arthritis).


Illness, at the most basic level, is the manifestation of cell damage and cell death when cellular functions breakdown. The symptoms you experience are your body’s response to the types of cells that are being damaged or lost.


For example, the loss of cells that make up your cartilage is called osteoarthritis; damage to skin cells is called eczema or psoriasis; damage to or loss of nerve cells leads to neuropathy, MS and dementia; and damage to egg cell in women and sperm cells in men result in infertility. When cells that make up organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys are unable to repair or replenish themselves, organ failure occurs. Cancer develops when the cell function apoptosis breaks down.


Why are there so many incurable conditions?


Arthritis alone affects 10 million people in the UK or 1 in 6 of the population including children. It is the most common cause of pain, deformity, and disability. It is also a key cause of misery and waste of human potential.


NHS Choices tell you that arthritis is incurable and cannot be prevented. It also tells you that the body heals itself. This dichotomy highlights the historical failure of conventional medicine’s one dimensional approach to healthcare. It spends the bulk of resources on diagnosis and in relieving symptoms while allowing your cells to waste away, instead of helping your body heal itself. Read Arthritis cures itself.


Sadly, the long list of incurables includes many common conditions which impact on everyday life. Anxiety, arthritis, asthma, Bell's Palsy, blepharitis, bloating, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME), cystitis,  depression, diabetes, eczema, endometriosis, fibroids, fibromyalgia, herpes, IBS, infertility, insomnia, interstitial cystitis, irregular and painful periods, lower back pain, mirgaine, multiple sclerosis (MS), musculoskeletal disorders, neuropathy, nocturia, Parkinson's, polycystic ovary syndrome, PMS, psoriasis, sarcoidosis, tension, tinnitus and vertigo are just some of the conditions that often devastate lives (See NHS Choices under each heading).


So many incurable conditions exist because conventional medicine is typically designed to mask pain, ease discomfort, and to replace damaged body parts, not to address the cause.


No cure exists because most chronic conditions are the result of lifestyle excesses that damage cell functions. The only real cure is to change the way you think and the way you live, in order to leave your body with the energy it needs to maintain cellular functions. Only when you stop doing the things that damage your health will your body have a chance to protect and heal itself.


Conventional medicine sees tiredness or energy deficiency as a symptom of illness and can do nothing. We treat energy deficiency as the cause to produce amazing outcomes that you read about.


Stress and Energy deficiency are the major causes of illness


The body has natural powers to stay healthy – to rejuvenate, reproduce, repair itself and prevent illness. When you push yourself over the limit persistently, neglecting basic needs such as proper diet, exercise, relaxation and, most importantly, restorative sleep, you damage these powers to expose yourself to illness.


Symptoms come and go because your cells are constantly fighting for survival. Symptoms improve or disappear naturally when you give yourself a chance to recuperate. They worsen and others develop as you weaken your body and mind even more.


Our patients fall into two main groups. At least 85% of them live with a perfectionist streak which drove them over the limit persistently. The second group were worriers. Both groups suffered from stress and energy deficiency by giving away more than their bodies had to give, exhausting their reserves gradually.


When you leave your body and mind with not enough energy to maintain normal functions, cell damage and cell death, illness and pain, low productivity and irritability, anxiety and depression, sickness absence and long-term incapacity are just some of the natural consequences.


We change lives by giving the body the energy it needs


Health and illness are two sides of a coin, changing from one state to another according to stress and energy levels which affect cell functions.  


Health is the state of balance when the body has enough energy for organs and body systems to function in harmony. Illness is a state of imbalance, when stress and the lack of energy lead to organ and body system dysfunctions.  


Restorative sleep is the key source of energy supply. Sleep is a brain function. Restorative sleep is not possible when the brain is overwhelmed by tension. Tension develops whenever you push yourself over the limit, overloading the brain to cause dysfunction. Everyone is familiar with symptoms of brain dysfunction such as poor concentration, forgetfulness, fatigue, irritability and mistakes but the most harmful is its effect on sleep, making your sleep not restorative enough to give you the energy you need.


We restore health by restoring balance in the body to improve organ functions and blood circulation. We also minimise stress and tension to restore balance in the mind. When the body and mind are relaxed enough, restorative sleep recurs naturally to give your body the energy it needs. Read Insomnia cures itself.


We use a combination of therapies such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, Tuina massage, cupping, moxibustion and life coaching to restore balance and improve brain functions. We maintain health by changing perspective and lifestyle to one that is conducive to health, happiness and achievement.


The benefits we produce speak for themselves. Testimonials and case studies tell you some of the amazing outcomes the body can consistently produce.


Your energy, productivity and mood will rise as your sleep improves while stress, anxiety and depression as well as pain fade away. A revitalised body does not cure only conditions you complain about but also restores physical and mental health as a whole. You will be surprised by how readily a revitalised body heals itself.


We do not usually treat medical conditions or symptoms because they can be improved, cured, and prevented only by the body itself. All the amazing outcomes you read about on our website are real, produced by bodies revitalised through restorative sleep. We succeed by giving the body the energy it needs. Our success rate in improving sleep and energy is well above 98%.


It is easy to get well since the body heals itself, if you have not left it too late. However, it is difficult to stay well because people with a perfectionist streak usually break themselves down again once they feel better. We offer a money back guarantee to anyone who really wants to improve and maintain their health to achieve their best. If you promise to respect your limitation and needs, we guarantee to improve your health, performance and quality of life. Read Guarantee.


You have a choice


The NHS tells you that arthritis is just one of many conditions for which no effective treatment exits.  It also tells you that the body heals itself if you have not left it too late. It is baffling why the NHS chooses not to help the body heal itself.


The UK health watchdog, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), recently issued its first guidelines for treating headaches. It found that up to a million people in the UK have “completely preventable” severe headaches caused by taking too many painkillers and recommends acupuncture in some circumstances (BBC NEWS, 19 September 2012).


Unfortunately, the side effects of powerful drugs cause a lot more damage than just severe headaches.


The NHS Constitution gives you choice. You can continue with the same treatments that have neither improved your conditions nor prevented more from developing to make your life worse, hoping for a cure that the NHS tells you does not exist; or choose to revitalise your body to restore its natural powers to heal and protect itself.


Free Consultation


Call 020 8772 0779 to make an appointment for a free health check and free consultation.   Alternatively, you are welcome to leave your contact number and we will call back to answer your questions and offer free advice. You will feel a lot better once you understand why symptoms persist, how to get well and to stay well.


We are committed to community care and offer free acupuncture and free life coaching to residents of Balham who cannot afford our fees. You can donate whatever you can afford or nothing at all, if the NHS refuses to pay for treatments you need. 


The body heals itself if you give it a chance. Do not suffer needlessly, wasting your potential.


Read more about the damage that stress causes, Your body is designed to heal itself by Dr Lorraine Day, M.D., How do broken bones heal? by Robert Lamb, and how restorative sleep can change your life.



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